Terms & Conditions



    We welcome you to KPOPCON. 

    At KPOPCON, you are able to enjoy contents relating to

    K-culture in various forms, and enjoy contents that are exclusive of KPOPCON.

    At KPOPCON, we are always putting great effort to ensure the convenience of user and to run

    quality service.  We regulate terms as listed below, so please take time to look it over.

    The terms and condition of KPOPCON membership, holds following contents.


    Article 1   Motive

    Article 2   Definition

    Article 3   Notice and revision of terms

    Article 4   Explanation of terms

    Article 5   Signing of service contract

    Article 6   Member's information change

    Article 7   Obligation to protect personal information

    Article 8   Obligation in maintaining "member's ID" and "password"

    Article 9   Notification relating to "member"

    Article 10  Obligation of "company"

    Article 11  Obligation of "member"

    Article 12  Providing of "service" and etc.

    Article 13  Change of "service"

    Article 14  Providing information and publishing of advertisement

    Article 15  Copyrights of "notification materials"

    Article 16  Maintaining of "notification materials"

    Article 17  Reversion of rights

    Article 18  "Points"

    Article 19  Cancellation or release of contract and etc.

    Article 20  Restriction of usage, etc.

    Article 21  Restricted liabilities

    Article 22  Applicable law and Jurisdiction 

    Additional clause



        Article 1  [ Motive ]

This term has its motive in regulating all and related services provided by KPOPCON's subsidiary

company Bestone E&C Co. Ltd. ("company", "Bestone", or "KPOPCON") in providing service and

usage with company and member's rights, obligation and responsibility, etc.



        Article 2  [ Definition ]


The definition of words used in this clause is as follows.

1.   "Service" means any service that "member" is able to use within KPOPCON and all matters relating to KPOPCON, regardless of active terminal (PC, TV, Tablet, Portable terminal and various wire and wireless devices).


2.   " Member" (or user) means any client that access to company's "service" and signing contract with the "company" by agreeing with the terms and using "service" provided by the "company."


3.   "Name" means 20 or so letter that "member" chooses that is approved by the "company" to distinguish the "member", in order to use the "service.  The name of the member will be shown on all "contents" and /or pages that has been prepared by the member, and it is possible to change anytime by the "member".  Instance when "member" changes "name", all "contents" prepared by the "member" (also, prepared,  completed) will change the minute "member" changes the name, and follow with changed name.

4.   "ID" or (E-mail), means E-mail account that the "member" has registered at the beginning of service (or other website account that is linked to "company") and with this they will receive various information from the "company", and is a method to identify themselves.


5.   "Password" means Identifying ID that accords with "member" that the "member" has received and to protect privacy, combination of letter, number or symbol that "member" has selected.


6.   "Pay service" meaning variety of on-line, mobile digital contents (includes various information contents, VOD, item along with pay contents) and general services.


7.   "Point" means virtual data for the "service" that can be adjusted to and has no monetary value, and has been randomly selected or provided to use service effectively by the company.


8.   "Notification" (or "contents") means when the "member" uses the "service", post-up that is on "service" such as sign, text, voice, sound, picture, video and information type of writing, photos, videos along with various files and links.

Article 3  [ Notice and revision of terms ]


1.   The "company" must post the contents of terms, in the web page within the domain of operator, making it possible for the "member" to easily understand.


2.   The "company" has the right to revise the terms within the limit of not violating "lawful acts relating to regulations of terms", "promoting usage of information network and any acts relating to protecting information (known from now on as "information communication network act")


3.   In the instances when the "company" does revise the terms, they must state applicable date and reason for revision and they must post the notice from 30 days before until the day right before the applicable date, with the existing terms as stated in section 1. But when the revised terms are disadvantage to the member, besides the general notification, the company must notify through electronic mail, electronic message, on the window during the login and any other electronic method that will clearly state the revision within certain period of time of service.


4.   When the "company" notifies the "member" with the revised terms, stating that it will be understood as agreeing with the new terms, when there is no reply within 30 days, but still does not receive any comments, the "company" will understand it as consent.


5.   When the "member" does not consent with the newly revised terms, the "company"  cannot apply it, and in this case the "member" may cancel the service of usage.  But if there is special circumstances where the existing terms cannot be applied, the "company" has the right to cancel the usage of service.

Article 4  [ Explanation of terms ]


1.   The "company" has the right to perform separate usage clause and policy (known from on as "terms for pay service, etc") for "pay service" and other individual services, and when the relevant content contradicts with this provision, "terms for pay service, etc" has the priority in being applied.

2.   The items and explanation that has not been set by this terms will act on "terms for pay service, etc" or relevant act and subordinate statute and/or commercial practice.



Article 5  [ Signing of service contract ]


1.   The service contract will be regarded as consent and understanding of terms, the minute joining of membership is completed by those who wants to be a "member" (known from now on as "membership applicant").  If the "member" does not consent to the terms, it is possible to request withdrawal from the membership, anytime.

2.   The "company" has the principle to approve the request for "service" usage by the "membership applicants".  But the "company" also has the right to disapprove the request or cancel the service contract in the future, for the following related matters.

 Using name of others (or Email and account)

 Entering false information, or not entering information that the "company" request

 When you are minor, under the age of 14

 When it is not possible to approve for reasons attributed by the user or violating regulated issues to apply.

3.   The "company" has the right to request user's authentication through specialized agency, depending on the type of "member" during the application, according with section 2.

4.   The "company" may have to put off approval when there is not enough equipment relating to service, when there is technical problem or problem with business.

5.   When there is instances where the membership application is not approved or delayed due to reasons in section 2, and section 4, the "company" must basically notify the "membership applicant".

6.   The valid time of service contract is at the time of indication when the "company" enters request for completion of subscription.

7.   The "company" may divide the "members" into grade (or rank), subdividing usage hour, number of times used and service menu, providing seniority in using service.

Article 6  [ Member's information change ]


1.   The "member" can view and modify their own personal information through personal information maintenance window ("member's" "Setting" page) anytime. But those information needed for enrolling in service and notification, such as ID (Email), nationality and gender, are impossible to modify.

2.   When the "member" has a change of information, different from the time of joining membership, they must change it through on-line or electronic mail or other methods to inform the "company" of changed information.

3.   The "company" will not be responsible for the disadvantages that occur, because the member did not notify the "company" of changed information, stated in section 2.



Article 7  [ Obligation to protect personal information ]


The "company" is putting effort onto protect the personal information of "member" in accordance with set "information communication network act", along with relevant ordinance law.  In the matter of protecting personal information and usage, relevant laws and "company's" personal information protection policy applies.  But for other links besides the official site of "company", the "company's" personal information protection policy, does not apply.


Article 8  [ Obligation in maintaining "member's" "name", "ID" and "password" ]


1.   Maintaining responsibilities of "member's" "ID (Email)" and "password" lies on the "member", and you may not permit the use of it by the 3rd party.

2.   The "company" has the right to restrict the use of "member's" "name", if it concerns in the matter of personal information leakage, reflects anti-social or steps out of our traditional custom, or has tendency to be mistaken as "company" or "company's" operator.

3.   When the "member" is aware of his/her "Email (ID)" or "password" is misused by the 3rd party, they must notify the "company" immediately and follow the directions of the "company".

4.   If the incident relating to section 3, occurs and the "member" does not notify the "company" with the information, or notify the "company" but does not follow with the instruction, the "company" will not be liable for the disadvantages.

Article 9  [ Notification relating to "member" ]


1.   When the "company" is relating notification to "member", unless there is specific individual regulation stated in this term, it may be notified through electronic mail address, or electronic message within the service.

2.   When the "company" is notifying the whole "member", if the "company" post it on domain of operator for more than 7 days, it can be substituted for notification of section 1.

Article 10  [ Obligation of "company" ]

1.   The "company" does not perform any related lawful acts or acts prohibited by this term or acts against traditional custom, and is working hard to provide consistent and stabilized "service".

2.   In order for the "members" to safely use the "service, the "company" must provide security system to protect personal information (includes credit information), announce and abide by the personal information protection policy.

3.   The "company" must be furnished with needed man power and system to handle the service usage related complaint of users or must be able to appropriately handle the demands of help from damages.

4.   The "company" must appropriately handle the service related suggestion, or complaint brought up by the "member" if it is acknowledged as reasonable.  The suggestion or complaints brought up by the "member" can be utilized in the web page within operator's domain or through electronic mail, delivering "member's" handling process along with the result.

Article 11  [ Obligation of "member" ]


1.   The "member" must not do the following acts.

ⓐRegistering false information during application or changing

ⓑIllegal use of other's information or request, along with collecting them

ⓒChanging information posted by the "company"

ⓓTransmitting or posting up information (computer program, etc) other than what the "company" has assigned

ⓔViolating "company" and other 3rd party's copyright and intellectual property right

ⓕPosting contents and acts of dishonoring or damaging property or hindering business of the "company" or other 3rd party.

ⓖAct of pursuing personal profit without prior consent from the "company"

ⓗAct of using name or web URL, without prior consent from the "company"

ⓘActs of impersonating the "company" or unlawful or unjustified acts, etc.

2.   The "member" must follow with the related acts, regulations of this term, usage guide and any "service" related precaution notification, items notified by the "company" and must not do any act of interruption to the business of the "company".

3.   The information that the "member" is providing or has provided to the "company" is all true, accurate, and based on present, must show that it is complete and in order to maintain its truthfulness and accuracy, is consenting to modifying the information, when it is necessary.

4.   The "member" is responsible for all activities that occur through their account.


5.   The "member" is consenting to responsibilities of all data charges, that occur during usage of service.

Article 12  [ Providing of "service" and etc. ]


1.   The "company" provides the following services listed below to the members

ⓐSearch service

ⓑ"Contents" sharing service (includes website of the "company" and 3rd party site)

ⓒOpen-type service (posting "contents" of "member" within "company's" website, and etc.)

ⓓNotice board type service (posting "contents" within website of "company")

ⓔMail service

ⓕSecurity patch, vaccine service

ⓖAdditionally developed service from the "company" or all services provided to the "member" through partnership contract with the other company, etc.

2.   The "company" has the right to "service" with divided set range, assigning each range with individual possible usage time.  But in this case, the contents will be announced prior.

3.   The "service" is set at the principle of providing year-round, 24 hours a day.

4.   The "company" may be temporarily out of "service" due to inspection, replacement or failure, loss of communication of computer and information communication equipment, or instances of substantial reason in operating.  In this case, the "company" will notify the "member" with appointed method of article 9 [notification relating to "member"]. But when there is circumstances with inevitable reason that the "company" cannot notify prior, then they may notify after the incident.

5.   The "company" may perform regularly scheduled inspection when necessary to provide service, and it will be performed on the scheduled time that has been notified on the service providing window.

Article 13  [ Change of "service" ]


1.   The "company" may change "service" partly or in whole, when there is substantial reason in operating or needed for technical reasons.

2.   When there is change in "service's" content, usage method, time of usage, they must notify service content and providing date of service that will be changed, and post it on relevant service initial screen or domain of operator.

3.   The "company" has the right to modify, stop, or change the service that is provided with no fee, partly or in whole according to company's policy and when necessary in operating, and unless it is stated specifically in regulations of related laws, they do not need to compensate individually to the "member".



Article 14  [ Providing information and publishing of advertisement ]


1.   During the "service", the "company" can provide "members" with various information through announcement, electronic mail, or push message, if it is considered necessary. But except for the related laws of relevant transaction information and reply to customer inquiry, the "member" is allowed to reject receiving electronic mail or push message anytime. To set up rejecting of receiving, it is possible within website of "company" in each individualized Setting page of "member".

2.   If you wanted to send the information of section 1, through telephone or facsimile, the company must obtain prior consent from the "member" before sending it.  But it is exception for "member's" transaction related information and answers to customer inquiry.

3.   The "company" has the right to publish advertisement relating to operating "service" in the screen of service, areas in the web page of the "company", electronic mail and push message, etc.  Those "members" who have received electronic mail and push message, can set up "reject receiving" with the instruction from section 1.

4.   The "users" (includes members and non-members) may not take any actions against "service" related notification or other information provided by the "company" such as changing, modifying or restricting it.

Article 15  [ Copyrights of "notification material" ]

1.   The copyrights of "notification material" that has been posted by the "member" within the "service" is under the jurisdiction of related notification writer.

2.   The "notification material" that has been posted by the "member" within the "service", can be exposed to search result of "service" or related promotions, and to expose it, it can be partly modified, copied or edited within the needed range.  In this case, the "company" will comply with copyright law regulations, and the "member" has the right to take action against relevant notification material, such as deleting, search result exempt or confidential anytime through customer center or operational facility within "service".

3.   If the "company" wants to use "notification material" of "member" in the method besides in section 2, they must get consent from the "member" through telephone, fax, or electronic mail, before using it.

4.   "Contents" of the "company" that is included in the "service", is protected by copyrights, trademark rights, patent, restricted document and related acts, etc, and the "company" has the rights to own.  The "member" may not delete, modify or conceal "contents" of the "company" that is combined or accompanied by copyrights, trademark, service mark or any other property rights notification and may not exploit or grant license reproduction, modify, adapt and base on these, preparing 2nd phase writing, perform, display, publish, distribute, transmit, broadcast or sell.  When these are violated, the "company" has the right to take lawful actions against the "member".

5.   The name and logo of the "company" is the trademark of "company", therefore it may not be duplicated, copied or used, partly or in whole without prior written approval from the "company" except for in cases where they follow the brand guideline of the "company".  Also they may not duplicate, copy or use partly or in whole, without the prior written approval from the "company", the title, user assigned graphic or button icon, because the script is service mark, trademark and/or trade dress of the "company". If these are violated, the "company" has the right to take lawful actions against the "member".


Article 16  [ Maintaining of "notification material" ]


1.   When the "member's" "notification material" includes contents that are violating in the "information communication network act" and "copyrights law" and other related laws the right holder has the rights to request stopping of notice and deleting of relevant "notification material" according with related laws, and the "company" must take actions according to related laws.

2.   The "company" will take temporary measures even without the right holder's request, if it is considered reasons for violation of rights or with policy of company and violating relevant to related acts, of the "notification material".

3.   If the notification material of the "member" violates usage terms, the "member" may be liable for lawful responsibilities of the relevant notification.

4.   The specific process of this article will abide by "information communication network act" and "copyrights act".

Article 17  [ Reversion of rights ]


1.   The copyrights and intellectual assets regarding "service" is jurisdiction of the "company". Except for "member's" "notification material" and writing provided through partnership contract.

2.   The "company" grants rights to utilize usage of "account", "ID", "contents" and "points" to "members" regarding "service" that is assigned by the "company" and the "member" cannot transfer, sell or provide security and any other acts of disposal. 

Article 18  [ Points ]


The "company" has the right to adjust part or whole of "points" after prior announcement for efficient usage and operation and the "points" can be periodically discharged with length of period that the "company" has assigned.

Article 19  [ Cancellation or release of contract, etc. ]


1.   The "member" has the right to request for release of service contract anytime, and the "company" has to handle the matter immediately, according to related set acts. Release of service contract can be done in "company's" "service" page, in the "COMMUNICATION" of "ABOUT PAGE".

2.   When the "member" cancels the contract, except for instances when the "company: holds the member's information according to related acts and personal information handling policy, all data of the "member" will become extinct immediately following the cancellation.

3.   When the "member" cancels the contract, among the "notification material" that the "member" has prepared, such as mail, blog that has been registered in their account will be all deleted.  But please take into consideration that those "notification materials" that has been shared and scraped by other and re-posted will not be deleted.

Article 20  [ Restriction of usage, etc. ]


1.   The "company" will restrict the use of "service" per step of warning, temporary suspension, permanent suspension of service usage and etc. when the "member" violates obligations of this term, or hindering normal operation of "service".

2.   When the "member's" legal age is under the age of 14, they are unable to use the "service".  The "company" restricts the qualification of "member's" legal age to be over 15 years old, and if the user or the member is under the age of 14 and is in conflicts or dispute, the "company" will not be responsible for any matters.

3.   The "company" has the right to immediately suspend permanently, when using name illegally and credit theft, providing illegal program that violates "copyrights act" and "computer program protection law" and hindering operation, violation of "information communication network act" with illegal communication and hacking, distributing of malicious program, access rights exceeding acts and violation of related laws, regardless of article 20, section 1.  When there is permanent suspension of service, due to listed sections, the "points" earned from using "service" and other benefits will be dispense, and the "company" will not compensate for the loss.

4.   When the "member" does not login in for certain period of time, in order to protect the member's information and efficiently operate, the "company" may restrict certain usage.

5.   In accordance with this article, in the instances where the "service" usage is restricted or cancelled, the "company" will notify through article 9 [notification relating to "member"].

6.   The "member" has the right to request for formal objection, for restriction that was followed with this article, through process that the "company" has set. At the time of objection, if it is considered reasonable, the "company" will immediately resume the usage of "service".

7.   When the "member" publicize or post violence, obscene, partly obscene, discriminating, illegal, invasion, biased judgment, pornography, suggestive photos or image, voice or trademark against public order information on the "service", the relevant contents may be deleted without prior notice or have restrictions on service usage.

8.   Accessing "company's" API with different method other than the permitted API from the "company" such as using automated device, script, bot, spider, crawler or scraper and doing acts of establishing account with non-approved method, can result in not able to access to "service" without prior notice.

9.   When you violate this term, with "company's" own discretion, the "member's" account may be shut down.  Also when you violate information or purpose of this term, create danger or expose lawful matters relating to "company", "service" that was provided to the "member" may be stopped partly or in whole.



Article 21  [ Restricted liabilities ]


1.   The "company" will be exempt from the liabilities of not able to provide "service" due to natural disaster or when uncontrollable circumstances occur.

2.   The "company" will not be responsible for defects in using "service" due to reason attributed by the "member".

3.   The "company" will not be liable for reference, credibility of the fact or accuracy of the information relating to "service" that the "member" has posted up.

4.   The "company" will not be responsible for transaction that has used "service" as intermediate between "members" or between "member" and 3rd party.

5.   Unless it is specified in the regulation of related laws, the "company" will not be responsible for the matters relating to "service" that is provided without a charge.

6.   The "service" provided by the "company" may include functions that enables "members" to share service or share notification materials that has been received by 3rd party, and it may appear publicly on the 3rd party's service.  The "company" does not regulate these 3rd party's web service or web service's notification materials. The "company" will not be liable in any ways or method of related service of the 3rd party or functions of their service.

7.   The letter and business transaction between the "member" and the 3rd party, is solely between the "member" and the 3rd party.  The "company" is not liable for any matters.

Article 22  [ Applicable law and jurisdiction ]


1.   Litigation between the "company" and the "member" holds the law of Republic of Korea, as applicable law.

2.   Litigation for the dispute between the "company" and the "member" will accord the "member's" address as at the time of the lawsuit, and when there is no address present it will be under exclusive jurisdiction of district court that controls residency. But at the time of lawsuit, if the "member's" address or residency is not clearly stated, then the competent court will determine it with the civil proceedings act.

3.   For "members" who have foreign address or residency, the lawsuit for the dispute between the "company" and the "member", in spite of preceding clause, it will hold the Seoul Central District Court as competent court.