[KPOPCON TV] (Korean VS Foreigner) ep.1Spicy Food

KPOPCON 한국인 VS 외국인의 전격 대결 !! 매운맛 대결 1부
유튜버 첼시랑 글렌, 한국인 민국, 시몬과 함께 했어요.
좋아요, 구독 눌러주세요 !

Real Global battle video "Korean VS Foreigner "
It's 1st teaser is right up here
featuring Chelseaspeak3, Glenn Gogo, MK and Simon
Check this out right now!

Chelseaspeak3, Glenn Gogo,
MK Kim, Simon Choi

PD: Hayden Lee
AD: Sung-Kyu Kim
FD: Cho-Hye Kwon
Writer: Hwa-Young In
Filming: Seul-Ki Park, Ji-Won Yong

BESTONE E&C cooperated with Induk University