K-pop star Jung Yong-hwa gets 'extravagant' Weibo

By Kim Da-hee

Jung Yong-hwa, the vocalist of K-pop rock band CNBLUE, has received an "extravagant" birthday gift from Chinese fans: a month-long celebration with various events organized by Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter.

During the celebration, fans can get birthday-themed digital stickers, which they can use to decorate their images on Weibo. The Chinese social networking website launched on June 6 an event called "My Chinese student Jung Yong-hwa," in which Weibo users have an opportunity to teach him Chinese and Chinese culture.

"Weibo has organized the event because Jung has delivered positive energy to many people," a Weibo official said. "We highly appreciate Jung's outstanding talents in various fields, including music and acting."

Meanwhile, Jung is filming the Chinese movie "Emperors Cook Up A Storm," in which he plays a chef at a Michelin-starred restaurant.