Winner to Release a Special ′WINNER EXIT TOUR LIVE

Boy group Winner will be releasing a CD of their first solo concert 2016 WINNER EXIT TOUR LIVE on July 28.

On March 12-13, Winner met fans through their first solo concert in Seoul, Korea. At the time, as much as this was their first concert, the members worked hard to showcase perfect performances during their concert.
During the tour, Winner not only performed tracks from their album, but also prepared special events on stage for their fans throughout Korea. Winner has produced the upcoming LIVE CD so that fans will have a chance to relive the special moments during Winner′s first solo concert.

The 2016 WINNER EXIT TOUR LIVE CD is a booklet that will include 2 CDs featuring all the moments during the concert as well as random photo cards and posters. As much as the CD holds a lot of meaning, it will also be a great gift to Winner fans.

Meanwhile, pre-orders for Winner′s 2016 WINNER EXIT TOUR LIVE CD began on July 20 and it will be released through the YG e-shop and a variety of online and offline shops on July 28.

Photo credit: YG Entertainment