Infinite′s L Shares Honest Thoughts on 7 Year Idol

Boy group Infinite′s L has talked openly about the 7 year idol jinx.

L was recently interviewed for the August issue of Star1.
During the interview, L was asked, "These days, idols going into their 7th year have been leaving their groups or disbanding. How is Infinite?" L answered truthfully, "The members talk a lot about this topic. I want to let you know that Infinite is still alive and well." He continued, "This is because we not only talk a lot with each, but we also share our concerns, thoughts and happiness together."

L was also asked about his difficulties with living as the actor Kim Myung Soo and he shared his regret by saying, "I regret that I remember when I was bad at acting in the past. I wish I was good from the beginning." He added, "But I am so that there are many people who encourage me for the improvements I′ve been making."

L, who will be making a comeback with Infinite after a long hiatus, stated, "I′m more excited because I break was so long. We plan to officially begin promotions after our concert."

Photo credit: Star1