EXO′s Kai Suffers Leg Injury During Concert

EXO′s Kai has suffered an injury to his leg.

On July 24, EXO held their 3rd solo concert EXO PLANET #3- The EXO′rDIUM in Seoul, Korea.
During this day, Kai was not present for the first part of the concert due to a leg injury he suffered during the previous day′s concert. The singer later appeared on stage in a wheelchair during the acoustic portion of the concert.

According to Kai, after taking a x-ray at the ER, his bone was not damaged but his ligament has been severely damaged. Kai plans to have a detailed exam tomorrow.

Kai addressed his fans on stage by confessing, "After being hurt, I cried a lot because I was upset. I will recover quickly to show you an amazing performance."

Meanwhile, EXO will be holding 3 more concerts on July 29-31 as part of their 3rd solo concert tour.

Photo credit: eNEWS DB