Baek A Yeon Selected as First Artist in Upcoming..

Baek A Yeon has been revealed to be one of the artists participating in JYP Entertainment′s 3rd duet match.

On July 28, JYP Entertainment revealed Baek A Yeon as one of the participants for the 3rd match by sharing a poster through their official SNS channels.
Baek A Yeon gained huge popularity after releasing Shouldn′t Have... in 2015 and has continued to prove her musical abilities with the May 2016 release of So-So, which swept Korean music charts as soon as it was released.

In the midst of the talented songstress being revealed as the female participant to JYP Entertainment′s 3rd duet match, fans are curious to see which male artist will go against her.

JYP Entertainment stated, "You will be very surprised when you find out which artist will join Baek A Yeon for the duet. Have high expectations."

The contenders include Taecyeon, Jae, Jackson, J.Y. Park, Jo Kwon, Young K, Jun. K and Junior.

Photo credit: JYP Entertainment