Korea’s health secret of bibimbap prepared to....

Bibimbap, a bowl of rice mixed with meat and assorted vegetables, is one of the all time favorite meals of the Korean people, regardless of age or generation. Its popularity has also grown internationally with the spread of hallyu, or Korean “wave.” Even some Hollywood celebrities have praised its nutritional value and talked about how it has helped them maintain a healthy diet.

What’s more, the dish can easily be prepared for vegetarians as well! Restaurants with various versions of the dish have been popping up in different parts of the world, and these creative adjustments to the dish give it an added visual appeal and taste, making them well-received by international customers. Thanks to its gaining popularity, bibimbap is now being intensively studied for menu development and researched for its nutritional benefits. Let’s learn more about how bibimbap came to capture the hearts of so many.
One might argue that bibimbap is a type of fast food, in the sense that it is all eaten together after being tossed and stirred thoroughly. However, it is actually the very opposite. Unlike most fast foods, bibimbap contains many beneficial ingredients, and is therefore recommended by many health professionals. It carries a well-balanced combination of nutrients, where the rice supplies carbohydrates, vegetables and seafood supply minerals and vitamins, and beef and eggs contain good protein and fat. More can be added according to whatever additional ingredients you’d like to throw in! This also represents Korean’s long-held belief in harmony, created by oseak (the five cardinal colors of traditional Korean art).

On top of its aesthetically pleasing appearance, bibimbap appeals to all the senses through its textures, smells, and rich taste. The dish also provides the option of cooling it off before eating or having it served in a hot dish to maintain the high temperature. You may have seen a photo of bibimbap carefully prepared on a golden yugi (Korean brassware) or the heavy-duty dolsot (Korean hot-stone). This expresses a chef’s careful calculation in considering a customer, making sure it is enjoyed thoroughly until the last bite. Considering these characteristics unique to bibimbap, one can easily see that it is a thoroughly prepared meal that will not only aid your health, but also heal your mind.