Hyuna Makes 1st Place Promise with Fans

Hyuna has pledged to go on a noodle date with fans if her new track How′s This? reaches number 1.

On July 31, one day before the release of her new track, Hyuna met with fans through Naver V LIVE.
The MC requested that Hyuna make a pledge for when she reaches number 1. In response, Hyuna stated, "These days black bean sauce noodles have been really good. I recently found out how good it is if you add chili powder on it."

She continued, "If I reach number 1, I will go on a black bean sauce noodle date with 50 fans."

In addition to her pledge, Hyuna also showed off the dance to her new track How′s This? and shared photos of her everyday life.

Meanwhile, Hyuna will release her 5th mini album A′wesome through a variety of music sites on August 1. She will also be releasing the music video for title track How′s This? on the same day and begin official promotions.

Photo credit: Nave V LIVE screen capture