Rainbow to Collaborate with Famous Photographers..

Girl group Rainbow will be collaborating with famous photographers to produce a photo book for the first time with all 7 members.

On July 29, the group′s agency DSP Media stated, "Rainbow members will pair up with famous photographers, Shin Hae Lim, Lee Jung Jin, Park Kyung In, Jin Soo Kyung, Bae Jin Hwan, Nina Ahn and Kang Hee Kook, to produce a collaboration photo book."

The production project for photo book UP CLOSE will run a crowd funding page through Korean platform Makestar for one month starting August 2.

Project participants will receive a limited edition photo book with their name included as an honorary producer and also select a stamp to utilize a variety of digital content. Additionally, there are also a variety of events and content planned featuring behind-the-scenes footage during the production of Rainbow′s project.

Photo credit: DSP Media