Spas & Hot Springs

Bathing in hot spring water, or oncheonsu in Korean, and partaking in spa activities has long been loved by Koreans even from ancient times. This unique culture is often seen as medical treatment due to the proven effectiveness in relieving stress, as well as helping to recover ones body from fatigue, muscular pain and many others ailments. The long list of benefits of Korean saunas have led to a growing number of visitors from abroad to include a spa activity in their itinerary, and thus more facilities are opening in many regions around the country.

It has become increasingly popular among Koreans as well, because it’s good for your skin but especially because most of the places offer a common area where families and couples can meet and gather to chat and enjoy some downtime together. Feeling tired or stressed? Be sure to visit a spa in Korea for health-oriented relaxation and rejuvenation!

Hot Springs (oncheon)

There are a wide variety of hot spring facilities throughout the country; conveniently-located urban oncheon, health-centered on rejuvenation, open-air oncheon with views of the tranquil natural surroundings, upscale spa resorts where you can de-stress in a soothing environment, and water parks with a variety of fun water rides.

On the whole, these diverse themed oncheon facilities provide "healing" getaways effective in treating dermatitis, assuaging symptoms related to sleep deprivation, high blood pressure, neuralgia and more. Even kings of the Joseon Era stopped and came to rest at these hot spring destinations listed below during their long journeys. Pick the best fit for your travel needs when exhausted. You are sure to be pleased when soaking yourself in the water, unloading stress while enjoying the mountain or ocean view at the same time.