Gugudan to Hold First Fan Meeting Since Debut

Gugudan has announced plans to hold their first fan meeting since their debut.

On August 21 at 3PM KST, Gugudan will hold their Happy 365Day fan meeting in Seoul, Korea and meet with fans.
This event is especially important as it is Gugudan′s first fan meeting ever. The group debuted last June with their debut album ACT.1 The Little Mermaid and sold out of fan meeting tickets as soon sales opened.

Gugudan, who is holding their first fan meeting, will hold a series of events to celebrates the birthdays of the members. Members celebrating their birthday during the fan meeting are Se Jong, Hae Bin and Hae Yeon.

Gugudan is currently preparing special performances and a variety of events so that they could have a meaningful first fan meeting. The group plans to take the opportunity to have meaningful conversations with the fans.

Gugudan received attention after debuting in June as Jellyfish Entertainment′s first girl group. Gugudan ranked number 1 on album real-time charts as soon as they debuted and also proved their popularity by placing 1st in a variety of music programs.

Meanwhile, Gugudan, who is holding their first fan meeting, has been involved in a variety of activities after successfully ending promotions for their debut album.

Photo credit: Jellyfish Entertainment